Are Online Sportsbooks Legal?

Will I Go to Jail For Online Gambling In The USA?

Anyone that has considered online gambling from the US will have asked themselves this question. “Will I go to jail for gambling online?” and it is a great question for the sensible minded because the majority of those that gamble online from the US are not criminals. Only criminals should go to jail, not those that want to have fun gambling at online sites that accept US players! It is a rational fear, but this article will make your fears go and online gambling from the US will become something that is fun, not a worry. We strongly believe that what you do from your home should be your business.

The likely hood that you are going to lose your life savings, send the funds towards organized crimes or sift them to some random terrorist in the world are slim, and quite frankly if you are a criminal mined individual, then you probably will not bother reading this article in the first place! There are so many misconceptions about gambling online from the US and going to jail, and we want to set your mind straight and quash all of your fears pertaining to online gambling in the US. Legalities of online gambling from the US are very complex. Sports betting and poker are really murky waters, and there are several means of legalization that are enacted, relating to the new fad of online gambling.

There are several laws to look at closely when you are considering placing a bet online from the US. There is the UIGEA it states the obvious. This makes some believe that they will go to jail for gambling on the internet, when in fact it actually just makes it illegal for those that want to process payments for an online gambling.

Yes, notice how we have bolded the word business. If you are not looking at setting yourself up in the world of gambling as a business or a bookmaker, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. As a player of online betting games, the UIGEA is not pertaining to you at all. There is also a thing refereed to as the wire act of 61. This document has only been written as a possible consequence to gambling online. Again this is not an issue for gamblers, only for those that wish to take bets on sports and self certify themselves as bookies! So there is no need to worry about this either.

There are several states that have stated that it is illegal to gamble online. In theory, if the police were being nitty gritty, then they could come crashing down on you and have you handcuffed and in the back of a van of you didn’t listen to the law in their jurisdictions. Washington has the worst repercussions, Illinois, Indiana, South Dakota, Nevada, Montana, Wisconsin, Oregon and Louisiana are those states that have banned gambling online. Many that place online wagers that reside in these areas actually purchase VPNs and are then able to access the web and the gambling sites from a different location. Also providing that the people living in these states use offshore gambling sites and get their earnings to offshore accounts, or cards, then they will not be able to be traceable to their earnings or any online gambling activity! It is up to the individual though, but in your opinion should you want to gamble online even if you are located in these states, then you should do so as you only live once, and the chances of having a knock at the door from the law are pretty slim.

Has anyone gone to jail for online sports gambling in the US?

No! The answer that you wanted to hear, so to summarize after all the legalities and the laws and the lack of framework surrounding all of the regulations, it does not necessarily mean that it is illegal to gamble online from the US. In fact the IRS love the taxes that come from those that do win! There is not one case in the history of the US where someone that placed a bet online has been arrested and taken to jail solely for online betting.

It is also highly unlikely that you will get a fine, be penalized in any other way, or vindicated for doing so. The laws are always changing so it is important to keep a close eye on them. Providing that you do not violate state laws and stick to sites that offer legal USA online betting facilities, then you will stay well out of jail and never need a get out of jail fast card!