Looking to Bet on Basketball?

Betting on Basketball: Get in the know

Have you ever just known before the game is even played who will win the game? Have you ever found yourself watching ESPN saying these guys have no clue what they are talking about? If you have, betting on basketball may be a great place for you to prove their widely inaccurate predictions are dead wrong and turn your predictions into some cold hard cash. Basketball is one of the easiest ways to gamble on sports and let’s help you get started today. While there are too many ways to gamble on basketball to name, let’s walk you through the three most prominent ways you can make money on basketball.

The Point Spread

First there is the point spread where you can gamble on which team will win by a specific margin. For instance if the odds are for the Warriors to win the game then they would be considered the favorite. Now how much of a favorite is where the point spread system comes into play. If the Warriors are a 5-point favorite over the Cavs, then in order for you to win the cash if you pick the Warriors, the Warriors would have to win by 5 point or more. If you pick the Cavs with the Warriors favored, then you only need to have the Cavs win. Take that Stephen A. Smith!


The over under is another popular way for you to make money when you are sure your team is going to make it rain.   The over under is the combined score of the two teams. For example if the Warriors and Cavs had an over under of 206 points, you would pick whether they would score more than 206 points or less than 206 points. If the points scored are exactly the number, there is a draw and nobody makes any money.  One recommendation is to take the points you think the willing team will score and then subtract 5 to 10 points off and add the two numbers together. For instance if the Warriors score 103 then I would estimate the Cavs to score 93. The total score is then 196. Since we have a 206 over/under I would select under in this scenario.


Placing a wager is the easiest form of betting that there is of this list. A wager is simply picking the team that you know will win. When you do this however you will be asked to front a substantial amount of cash in order to place this bet. For instance you may be asked to bet 50 dollars in order to win 20. Because you have a 50/50 chance the odds are in your favor the risk is asked to be quite more.

Now that we’ve covered the basic methods of betting for basketball you are ready to begin. Please remember to have fun while making wagers and do not bet more than you can afford to lose. We do not need any more crying Jordan’s after all. The best of luck to you and may the odds be in your favor.