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The Math That Goes Into Sports Betting

Most that want to place a bet on sports betting will be sports fans to start with. It is not something that is unheard of though, to find a gambler placing sports bets on larger games like the super bowl, or the ball finals. Most of the time the sports bettors are actually fans that want to use their specialized knowledge that they have of the games, to be able to pick up some extra cash on a bet. When you are a fan of a certain sport, it gives you a more intense way to be able to feel the action of the game, and offers you the chance to have something at stake other than your loyalty to the team as a fan.

No matter what anyone says, all gambling is math, and even other games are chance, and once you are able to understand the game then you will have a small advantage over others that are placing the bets. Most of the games like roulette games and penny slots are bad because they mean that bettors earn an advantage by steering clear of them all together! You take a look at sports betting however, the math that is involved is a lot more complex and it will depend what your favorite sporting activity was. There are a lot of factors that need to be thought about like underdogs, bye weeks, quarter back ratings and injuries.

How Hard Is Sports Betting Math?

It is not hard, when you know how, but to a novice it can seem like math of a scientist! In order to stay one step ahead of the bookie though, it is not rocket science. You need to be able to collect on fifty two point four percent of your bets and then you will have the ability to be able to break even.

The Basics

An easy way to let you see this math in practice would be to offer up an example. So, you and your friend go to a casino and each of you have two hundred dollars and there is a game on. Let’s say for examples sake, the Redskins versus the Cowboys. You look at the wagering board and it says that the Cowboys are 427 plus 175 and the Redskins are 429, minus four minus two hundred and 38. The minus section means that the Redskins are the favor for winning the match, and in order to be able to win there must be at least five points per bet for the Redskins to pay out. The other figure minus 200, is the actual moneyline, that means that the Redskins are a two point one favorite and the last figure which is 38 is the total of the under and over points that are scored in the game.

Take a look at the top number, in this example it is thirty eight. If you have any knowledge about the game for example, injuries that players may have, or any bad weather conditions then you can wager on the total number of points that are scored. In order to know how to bet you need to know three key factors:

  • What type of a bet you want to make
  • What the number of the corresponding team that you have picked is
  • How much you want to wager

When you know that in advance, the person that writes the ticket will not have to put too much work in, in order to be able to process your bet. You will also consider leaving a tip when you bet it should be about five percent. It makes the ticket writer happy, and it also helps to create an ongoing relationship so you can have your tickets written out faster. So, there you go a few great bet tips onto the math that is behind sports betting.