Betting Advice

Betting Advice

When you’re looking to bet sports online, your ultimate goal is to win. Coming to the table with a strategy is always best. Our betting advice mostly hits on NFL betting tips, baseball betting tips and even on betting soccer. Understanding the game of sports betting is crucial to increasing your bottom line. Be smart, know your shit before you put your money down.

How To Win at Sports Betting

If you are going to lay down some cash at sports betting, then you will most likely have considered strategies to help you to win on your splurge. There seems to be a common belief that those that bet on sports in the long term, will win, providing that they place regular bets. It really is not true. This reality is shocking for anyone that has tried their luck at sports betting in the past. You must have some kind of idea though that the bookmaker has an advantage over the bettor more times than the bettors win, if not, they would be out of business. But what if there was a way that, that could be reversed and the person placing the bets was able to have an advantage over the bookmaker? It is in fact possible, and this article will explain how and give you some solid betting advice.

Team Advantage Players

Have you ever heard this term? This is what is used to label gamblers by companies when they only place bets that are in their favor. Your average bookie has a four point 55 percent advantage on straight bets that are placed, and the word average is where advantage players look for bets that the bookmakers advantage is negative. If you have a goal of being a betting pro, or just want to earn some extra cash, then it is possible, and the first step to being able to win is to be able to stop making EV bets. An EV bet is expected value betting. This terminology is used a lot in the gambling world.

To allow you to understand this more easily take this scenario. Someone flips a coin in a contest and you offer up one dollar for each of the outcome heads, and I give you one dollar for each one of the outcome tails, then it is possible to flip coins for eternity and no one will ever have an advantage because losing will mean that we lose a dollar and winning will mean that we gain a dollar and if we were to flip the coins evenly then we will both break even. That means that there is a neutral expected value.

Now if I got fed up of flipping coins, and decided that I wanted to quit but you offer me a better deal to stay, the new deal would see me getting one dollar ten cents for each head and I would pay you a dollar for each tail. That means that half of the time I will win one dollar ten, and the other half of the time I would lose a dollar. If I flipped one hundred times then the average would be about 50 wins of one dollar ten and fifty losses of a dollar. That would mean that each time I flipped a coin I would have a positive expectation of five cents. Because you are the one offering me this proposition you have the opposite, and each flip of the coin would be a five cent EV for you. That would mean that each wager in sports betting has a positive expected value or negative expected value, and of course in rare cases, a neutral one.

In order to win at sports betting you need to avoid having a negative expected value and look for the bets that will offer you a positive expected value bet. It will take a lot of work to look for these types of bets, but when you do look for them it can prove to be very profitable. The trick is being able to find expected value bets. Take it from our betting advice, you want to win.

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