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Future Betting Strategy

When wagering on an event if you place a bet on one that will not happen until the distant future it is referred to as a future bet in the gambling world. When this happens you will usually bet on which team are going to win the Stanley Cup, the Superbowl, The National Title, or the World Series etc. All of these events are perfect examples of future bets. You can also bet on the coach that will be fired in the NFL, or whom will win the CY Young- these are also two great examples of a future bet. This article covers some great strategies and examples of future bets.

First up, when you place future bets you may recall our other article about how critical shopping around for lines is. Once you start to place sports bets you need to remember this golden rule about shopping around for the best betting deal, as each site will vary. Make sure that you check the best odds and find the site that will pay out the most on the bets that you want to make.

When Placing Future Bets- It Is Recreational

Many of the future bets that have been placed are from sports fans that want to show support for their favorite teams or players. The pros completely avoid falling into this trap because there is a lot of juice built into the lines. Do not get confused with the whole motive here though as a lot of bookies would love to be able to offer the chance to players to compete on futures. The problem with this though is that there are thirty two options on offer when you are placing a bet on the Superbowl. It is completely impossible for a bookmaker to be able to make sure that the action is all balanced. If there are preseason underdogs that are trying to act like Cinderella then it will send a bookie straight to the ER room. If one of the teams goes forward to win the championship then it can put a huge hole in the bookies pocket, or swipe out the profit for the season! It is fact that these events are rare, and usually bookies are the ones that do profit, not the other way around, however, they do need to ensure that they are protected. In Las Vegas the bookmakers add around forty to seventy percent to the future markets in order to guarantee that they will not be at a loss.

On sites that offer you the chance to place sports bets, the stakes are still high and a lot of them are still operating on a very risky margin. It is a very new idea and it was not until recently that this strategy was introduced. But now EV+ betting can be a reality when going down the future betting road.

What Is The Best Site For Future Betting?

So which site is better to place bets on future bets? is the best for sure. They run things offering about half of the margin for their competition and offer a theoretical hold that totals around eleven percent. The closest competition is and they offer a twenty one percent hold. There are a lot of other sites on offer for you to place sports bets at, and those don’t compete very well as far as it goes to getting your teeth into a fair bit of cash for your winnings, but if you want to be smart you can go line shopping over Intertops. When research was conducted about being able to get the best Superbowl winning odds with not as much line shopping and research needed, the below combinations proved to be very profitable.

At one site- 5Dimes- this offered those placing bets the chance to get seventy four percent of their future odds.

When two sites were combined, Sportsbook and Fivedimes, this increased the chances to ninety one percent.

And last but not least, when three sites were used together Bovada, with Sportsbook and 5Dimes, this made the stakes shoot up to ninety three point seven percent.

So, there you go a little bit of an inside look into future betting. Something that when done correctly can see you cashing in the dollars!

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