How Old Do You Have To Be To Bet Online In The US?

If you are considering placing online bets from the US, then naturally you will want to know the legal age in order to do so. We broke it down so you can understand the basic age requirements for sports betting online and also the main sports books age requirements. We cover the in and outs when it comes to the legal age for sports betting from the US. You will be able to find the answers to the questions that you have surrounding the legalities of sports betting online. We also go into some detail about the top sites that allow US bettors and of course the legal age that you need to be in order to bet on their sites.

The Legal Age To Bet On Sports From Las Vegas

Because you will be betting in the actual casinos and not online, in Las Vegas you have to be 21 to place wagers. That is why many think that you have to be this age in order to place online bets too. However, this is not true because some online offshore sites that allow sports betting only require you to be aged 18.

The Minimum Age To Bet Online

Some of the best sports books in America have their own age regulations, as do your state governments, this age is usually 18 or 21, but it really does depend on what state jurisdiction you live in.

What If I Am Caught For Underage Sports Gambling Online

If you are going to try a bet illegally online if you are underage, then you will lose your account, and any of the bets that you have wagered. It is pretty much the same if you are caught betting offline illegally, you will get your name removed from the sports books, and you will lose any of the bets you have already placed too. If you won anything, you may also be asked to return the funds.
Next up we have listed the ages that you have to be to bet legally online at four of the best sites available to US bettors:

The Legal Age To Wager At Bovada

If you plan on signing up to Bovada then you will have to be at least age 18. It also does help you if you check the local sports betting laws to make doubly sure that you are the correct age in order to gamble there. There is a list of betting lines for all of the sports and leagues in the US on their site and players from every US state can wager there, apart from those that live in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Nevada.

The Legal Age For Betting On Sports Bets At BetOnline

Again to be able to wager at this site you have to be at least aged 18. If you are resident in the US you still do need to check into your local state laws and make sure that they are not different to this, as you could be violating the legal gambling age in your state by placing bets on the site. All 50 states in the US are permitted to be able to wager there too, so it is a great option to be able to bet online from the comfort of your home.

How Old Do I have To Be To Bet At Sportsbetting.ag?

This site is managed by the same team as BetOnline, and bettors have to be at least age 18. Players in the US also need to remember to check their state law just to make sure that the age is not higher for that particular state. The site allows bettors from all 50 states in the US, and it is highly reputable.

The Legal Age For Betting On 5Dimes

Again, like most sites you have to be aged 18 there, and once again you need to make sure that you check the state legalities surrounding the minimum age. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. On 5 Dimes, you can also bet from all of the 50 US states.