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How To Collect Your Winnings From Online Sports Betting

There has been a very big stereotyping of online betting sites that have not allowed gamblers to cash out their winnings. We emphasis that importance of placing your sports bet with legitimate and reputable online sports books (our list of the top ones are here). Because we have suggested the four best sites that we know that are tired and tested and actually do work, and pay their customers, we are listing the payment withdrawal methods on those four sites. It will help to give you an idea of what to expect when you want to cash out your earnings and, what you really want to know: how you will get your cash!


Bovada Payouts

 Bovada have a reputation for being one of the fastest paying online gambling sites. They have over ten times the competition and traffic on their site for the gambling industry, yet still manage to cash out their payments faster than other sites! They have good payout terms too, you get the option to have one free payout check per month, all moneygram withdrawals over $300 are free too. You can get a check via a courier, or rapid transfer. If you do wish to use Rapid Transfer, however, you will have had to have used rapid transfer in the first place to deposit your money. If you have made a card deposit on the site then you can only withdraw by check. There are also ban payout options but it is best to talk to their customer services team about this process. If you request more than one withdrawal a month then you will pay $50 per check. Their payouts take about seven business days, and you can withdraw up to $3000 per check. Rapid transfer is faster, but they charge 4.9% for a card deposit, and the payout has to be in the region of between $100- $650, you also need to pay a processing fee between $20- $60 depending on the amount.


Betonline Payouts

You can opt to have betonline payouts via three methods, those are an electronic transfer, and this will take about two days tops, or you can use western union and it can take as little as 12 hours! They are very fast to get your cash, and do not mess around. You can also opt for a check payout. Checks can be sent in the mail, via a courier, or an express check. The fastest method of payout is western union on this site and it is very easy to fathom. If you win $800 the maximum payout fee will be $60. Moneygram is also an options and it can take up to 10 days to get this payout. Bank wires are also on offer and can take up to 10 days to process. The bank fees are quite low, and well worth considering, depending on just how fast you want to cash in! An express check will cost you $50 to process. It really is all about what options suit you best, and what you need at the time of withdrawal.


Sports Betting.ag Payouts

You can get a lot of options here too, checks can be received in the post in around 30 days from withdrawing, a minimum of $500 has to be withdrawn and the maximum payout is $2500. The fee to process withdrawals is $25. You can get a courier check, and this will be within 15 days, The min is $500, the maximum is $250. It will set you back $35 so it is not going to leave a huge hole in your pocket. You can get an express check payment that takes less than 7 days to arrive with you; again the min is $500 and max is $2500. For this express method you will be charged $50. Western Union is also an option, and can see you receiving your payment in less than 12 hours, the minimum payout is $100, and the maximum is $950. You will get charged between $34- to $100 depending on the amount. Money gram is on offer too, and it will take from 12 to 36 hours. It offers a minimum payout of $100, and a maximum payout of $800. MoneyGram will charge you between $26-$80. If you are one of the lucky winners to get a large payout with Sportsbetting.ag, then you will be able to receive a large payout between $500- and $15,000 via a bank wire, and it will set you back in the region of between $45$75. So, there you go a breakdown of how easy it is to get your winnings!


5 Dimes

 If you play with 5 Dimes, again you can get easy access to your winnings. You can use a debit card funds application, which allows you to use a visa or MasterCard debit card. These types of payments take between 3 to 4 days and the minimum withdrawal is $100. The maximum is $2500. Courier checks are also an option, and take up to 7 days to arrive. The minimum for US residents is $1000 withdrawal and the maximum, is $2450. The fees vary, depending on the amount that you win and will usually be between $40- $80. Money orders can be made and will be processed within 24-48 hours and you can receive between $1000- $9500. It is a great option for big players. Another option is a prepaid card and you can get $2500 via this method.

Debit Card Funds Application – The DCFA is a payout option and the fee is a flat $25. The site also offers users a chance to have a free withdrawal every 30 days. A lot of players choose to enroll in the sites own payment system and this is called the 1500 club card ,that allows players to be able to get 2 withdrawals of $1500 twice weekly. There are fees etc but at the end of the day, you will get your winnings! So, there you go some great information on how to get your hands on your hard earned gambling sports bets.