Is Online Sports Betting Legal In The United States?

Online sports betting anywhere in the world can be a profitable living, if you know what you are doing. People use online bookmakers to wager on sports events all the time as they offer a fast, easy and highly efficient method of being able to place a bet from the comfort of your home. It can be just as fun as an amateur to place a sports wager and sit back and see if you winning or not. One huge market that has a question mark wavering over it is the US sports betting industry. Americans are scared of the repercussions for betting online and the law is not set in stone. They are scared because they do not know if they will be prosecuted for betting online, and are unaware if it is legal or illegal to do so.

The Million Dollar Question

The question that needs to be addressed clearly to crush those fears quite simply is: is online sports betting legal in the United States? There are a lot of regulations in place but in our opinion one thing that remains set in stone is that yes, online sports betting in the United States is legal, controversial, but legal. No one has ever been formally charged with betting on sports on the internet from America, or with using online book makers to place sports bets. There was a wire act that was passed in the year of 61, which was set in place to prohibit the practice of sports betting via the telephone. Back then the only legal place to bet on sports was Las Vegas. When this law was put in place there certainly was not any internet so therefore it was not meant for those that fancied a flutter on the net!

Confusions With Laws

Another confusing thing with the law is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Of 2006. This act is widely misinterpreted by Americans. It was actually set in place to make sure that financial institutions in the US would not be able to process any payments relating to online gambling sites. This law never ever said that it was illegal to bet online in the US though! It puts a quash on getting funding from winning online, but that can all be worked around with offshore accounts and prepaid cards and the like. So really if you are in America, and want to bet online then you should go for it!

The Other Confusing Law… In a Nutshell.

There is a law called the PASPA that is commonly misunderstood as well. This is The Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act and was put into force in the nineties. The government in the US decided to enforce this to limit the states that would be able to offer sports betting. Some states were allowed, others were limited, and finally when the act was in force only four states were approved for legal OFFLINE sports betting. Those states are Vegas, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware. This law does not however state anything about the use of the internet to gamble, and providing that you are using the web and offshore accounts and sites then you are in no means committing a crime by betting on sports online from the US. The laws in states are not very specific, and many of the ones that have been placed to try and ban online sports betting are not put into force to ban those that are placing bets, but rather the people that own the websites and are profiting from them. You can easily use a VPN to connect to the internet in privacy and not be traceable from your IP address, so if any of the sites are blocked, you can bypass this with ease.

The Conclusion. Is Online Sports Betting From The US Legal?

Yes, if you are over the age of 18 or 21 ( the age depends on the state you live in) and are using a trusted website to bet from, then you can enjoy a bettingĀ on online sports betting without worrying that you will wind up in jail for committing an illegal act! It is safe to place wagers on sports betting from the US, and despite all of the confusing laws, providing that you are just betting and not planning on setting up your own backstreet bookmakers you will be able to bet in peace. Betting on sports events can be great fun, go ahead, you only live once!