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NFL Bye Week Strategy

The NFL is huge for sports betting gamblers, particularly those that enjoy having a recreational flutter on a whim. If you are a sports bettor and are a novice at the practice but you do happen to fall upon a betting line that has you checking out the search engines and looking if a player has been injured then you need to also make sure that the teams opponent is coming off a bye as well. If you are a more advanced sports bettor and you struggle with the bye week stragetgy then you will be able to get a little more of an insight to the practice in this article.

The Basics

So let’s get cracking, the basics of the NFL Bye week.

The NFL has a season that has each participating team, playing a total of sixteen games each. When it was 1990 the league was changed to a seventeen week season. The reason for this was so that more profits could be made from TV adverts. When this happened it meant that each participating team has a week off during the season, and this in turn was called a bye week. When the bye week happens it used to be a very random set up through the whole of the season, and it was hard to know which team would be off and when. However, in 2004 this all changed and it was made more formal. Now, bye weeks are always between week four and week ten of the season. If you are betting on sports then you will need to pay a lot of attention when it hits week five to eleven, for the teams that are not going to be playing. This means that the teams that have been off for a bye have had a lot of time to relax and of course practice, get read; and be in tip top condition to win. Obviously, when the teams that have been off on a bye are reinstated and do play, then they have a better chance of wining statistically if the team that they are playing against have not had a vacation.

Thursday Games Require Close Attention Too

Another place in the games that bettors need to pay extra attention to is the games that are played on Thursdays. When it starts on week ten of the NFL season, then there will be a single Thursday game that is played in the night. Also, when it hits thanksgiving there will be two extra games that are played on Thursday daytimes. To sports bettors that means that when it is a Thursday, the players will be playing on a short rested period, and this will be the issue for both the teams that are involved in the game, so there’s no need to panic with this. It is somewhat worrying though, the following week because the teams that have been resting are starting to play again and that means that they will have a lot of time to be rested and they will have a similar advantage of wining than when they have taken a bye week off. It is crucial when betting on NFL sports that you pay careful attention to detail to the teams that are waving good bye to their bye weeks and of course the teams that are getting off from a Thursday game. Each detail is vital to you being able to get an advantage over the bookmaker!

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