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Parlay Betting Strategy

As you will know from other content on the web, parlay is a very popular method of sports betting that many gamblers are familiar with. It is a combination bet that allows you to group teams into one individual wager, instead of having to bet multiple times on individual teams. When you do decide to use this method of betting in sports the payouts are a lot larger and the risks are less as well. Great for those that are trying to make a fair bit of cash from their wagers. You do need all the teams that are selected however, in order to be able to win.

So if we give an example of this, let’s just say that you want to place a bet where the Patriots are offering a plus 3 stake, the Jets are offering a minus four one, Dolphins offer up two point five; and the Colts are offering minus seven, and you have around $100 to be able to bet with. You would have to make four different bets of twenty five dollars in order to win $27.30. If you did feel very lucky and had the mood to be able to gamble then you could choose to bet all of them together as a parlay. When you choose to use this method of sports betting then you would need your $100 to be able to win you $1000. If you were going to come up trumps then you would have to place a bet for four to zero, and then if one or more of the games went down and the others three won your payouts would get reduced. If any other of the remaining three games lost though, you would not win a cent. Parlay betting is tempting to gamblers because the payouts are significantly higher.

Is Parlay Betting For Suckers?                                                                                                     

It is a theory that a lot of gamblers jump to, and this is because those placing sports bets that assume this are not well up on the rules involved with parlay betting to begin with. So, in order to show you a little more in depth take a look at the below examples and how the parlay bets are worked out.

Most sports books in Las Veags Offer the following odds:

Two teams are two point six to one

Three teams are six to one

Four teams are ten to one

Five teams are twenty to one

Six teams are forty to one

Seven teams are eighty to one

Eight teams offer one hundred and fifty to one.

The online odds are similar but some of the sites like Betonline and 5Dimes offer odds that are more profitable to those that place bets when betting on three teams and upwards. You do need to note that this way of betting means that the odds are fixed and they are based around wagering a fifty fifty proposition. So, if the spread was a home team and the odds were minus seven, minus 105/ and a road team that was plus seven then this would mean that it is a 50/ 50 bet. The payout on this type of a bet would get calculated by the bookies using what they call a true odds figure. This again needs a lot of in depth explanations but what has been explained in this article already, will be able to offer you an insight into parlay betting and help you to see how you need to read up and research before you start betting away at sports, ( if you want to win that is).

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