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Pleaser Betting Strategy

We have covered teaser betting strategy, and now this article will cover pleaser betting strategy. Before you do carry on with this article it will be highly recommended if you do read up on sweet heart teasers and teaser betting strategies too. Now continuing you may want to look more closely at pleaser betting, the methods used with this strategy of betting are a little basic to those that are experienced, but if you are a novice or a recreational bettor then it may be a little bit complex for you to get a hold on. If you do get a little confused then it will be a good idea to pop over to the article that we have on site about teaser betting. When you have managed to bet successfully with teasers, then you should jump to pleaser betting methods.

Exactly What Is A Pleaser Bet?

In very simple terminology, it is the opposite of teaser betting. A good example would be, if there was a two team six point teaser bet to be had, that offered up the baseline of the Jets being one point five plus, and the Colts eight point five minus, you would wind up with a combination bet of the Jets being plus seven point five, and the Colts being minus two point five with a minus one hundred and ten risk. In cash that means that you would be risking one dollar ten cents in order to win a dollar. So, if you place a bet on these teams as a 2 point 6 point pleaser then you will wind up with a combination bet of the Jets being minus four point five, and the Colts being minus fourteen point five. That means that there is a plus 600 risk, in cash terms this will see you risking one dollar in order to be able to win 6, making it a six to one bet.

Pleaser bets pay out a hell of a lot higher than teaser bets, and this is because the points spread is more against you than in your favor. Both teaser and pleaser bets see the participating teams having to be able to cover their modified point spreading in order for the bets to be able to win. If the outcome is any different then it will be a loss.

Where Can You Bet Pleasers?

Not a lot of sites offer this strategy of betting to members, but 5Dimes and a few others do. Fivedimes is the easier in pleasers by far, and you will be able to choose from ninety completely different sets of pleaser bets. There are NFL football options where the site offers users the chance to get a two to 6 team pleaser, with the points formatted as six, six point five, 7, seven point 5, eight, 8.5, nine, nine point five and 10. Then each available bet offers a ties reduce, or a ties win option. That means that there are 9 point options, times five numbers of teams for forty five, the times 2 options are for being able to handle the draws, offering out 90 completely different sets of pleaser odds. It gets even more confusing if you thought that had you lost though, because the odd are the same, and 5 Dimes offer up different corresponding point spreads for each of the leagues. So, if this interests you and tickles your fancy, you may want to try your luck with pleasers!

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