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Prop Betting Strategy

When sports betting is on a proposition then this is referred to as a prop wager or bet. A bet is placed on anything but a point spread, game total, or moneyline. The precise amount that this type of wager would make when placed can be anything from when the team will score first, or when a certain quarter back will have the most number of passing yards. Also, any other scenario could also be covered that is described on the site you place your bet. Gamblers think that this is the easiest method to win.

It is considered to be the easier way to wager and sources that support this fact are Las Vegas, the number one sports book for those that are wagering with prop bets. The Las Vegas Hilton has been recorded a lot of times as saying that the company always loses money on prop wagers. There are some online sports sites that will take five to 40 grand for each bet usually, but they have placed a limit –of between 200-300 USD on prop bets. This fact alone makes sure that bettors cannot earn a living placing prop bets, and it should also highlight just how profitable prop betting can be, and how the bookmakers are losing out with prop bets.

Why Is Prop Betting So Easy To Win?

It all falls down to careless bookmaking and it really isn’t the bookmakers fault. There are hundreds of lines that need to made up and managed, and those that manage the lines are happy with the more simpler methods of placing low betting limits for market props. This strategy by bookies makes it so much easier for serious bettors to be able to make a careful market analysis on the bets available and go into much more depth on the odds than the people that created the bet to start with. Another pointer that plays a huge factor in this is the smaller maximum betting on offer for prop bets, this keeps sharks well away and means that more line moves can be made on recreational games. So, if you have ever questioned prop betting and how it could work for you, consider no sharks, bookies that are a bit careless, and a lot of fish to be had in the sea. That is where profit can be made.

Betting Props

To summarize and make things a little clearer, the smarter the bettors are, the lower the opportunities become. There’s no one out there mad enough to create a detailed guide to placing prop bets. In order to educate yourself you really need to jump in head first, and start to look carefully into the odds. You will have to teach yourself to be able to dig and closely analyze any prop that is on offer.

Slower Moving Derivatives

In short, in order to be able to win at prop betting you need to be able to focus on the derivatives that move slower too. When you start to move at a faster pace, and learn more about other props that are on offer you need to look for the options that have a lot of derivatives that go very deep and give you an easier time to be able to quantify your edge. Try to look for a lot of plus EV bets and never give up, because the sooner you get stuck in, the sooner you can win!

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