Looking to Make a Soccer Bet?

Soccer Bet Tips and Ideas

Have you considered going into soccer betting, faced with huge betting decisions to make or been through some frustrating times and hoping for a better fortune? You might need some useful tips and ideas in picking your bets. The world of soccer betting is ever growing, how to go about it can be pretty overwhelming, however our team is here to give you useful tips and ideas which you will hopefully find helpful.

How it works: It’s all about strategies and tricks.

It is good to note that betting on low scoring soccer matches, matches involving underdogs playing away, and draw outcomes; most often than not offer greater value. Reason because majority of people betting don’t usually go for boring games, while the underdogs are not always the favourites in any game. Most importantly read the betting rules.

Soccer Betting Strategies

The strategies soccer betting companies employ is known as the “point spread”, “money line”, “over/under” “parlay” and “proposition” soccer bet. Point spread method is commonly used. Take a scenario where two soccer teams having a match: let’s say Arsenal playing against LA Galaxy. It is important to note that most of the time, one of the teams is usually considered to be the favourites. If you and I were to pick our bet for a winning team, majority will pick Arsenal simply because they are the favourite. However betting company introduces what is called point spread which in a way handicaps the favourite team for betting reasons so as to give both teams’ equal chances. Bookies might want to introduce a winning margin for example 3-0, 4-0 for a bettor who decide to bets on Arsenal to win, while on the other hand Bookies could simply place win for LA Galaxy. If the favourite team win but unable to beat the underdogs by the margin given, an individual who bets on Arsenal will lose the bet. If LA Galaxy wins then a bettor will make a fortune on the bet. The point spread method makes betting equally balanced, eye-catching and better security.

Going with the money line, the strategy used is called odds. A bettor is expected to pick the winner. It is the amount of money a bettor stands to win for $100 bet or how much a bettor bets to win $100. The best way to understand the money line strategy is to use an illustration. Odds are usually high when underdogs and playing away from home.

Seattle Sounders: +150

Manchester United: -160

Manchester United is the preferred team, as indicated -160 while Seattle Sounders are supposedly underdogs, signified with +150. What these simply mean is that bettors who decide to go for Manchester United: the favourite will have to take a risk of $160 to win $100 while those who decide to bet on the underdogs will bet $100 to win $150. The odds increase depending on the points you choose.

A good advice for beginner is to always understudy all the soccer betting types, start with a lower points that is don’t invest big money to avoid big lose. Although no strategy guarantees 100 percent win however, take time to study or observe what majority is going for and go against the crowd in terms of the first two strategies stated. You can as well take time to read betting reviews and always do good analyses about a football team before you pick your bet. Check back for more lists of betting tips and ideas about over/under, parlay and proposition bet.