Sports Betting in California

Is Sports Betting In California Legal?

Online sports betting in the state of California is not 100% legal yet, nor is it an industry that is regulated. There are not however, laws that will point the finger at you if you place a bet online on sports events if the site that you placed the bet at is an offshore online betting site. If you are looking to place an offline bet in the state of California it is only legal to place a bet on what would fall into the category of tribal betting, state lotteries, charity betting, or pari-mutuel betting. Horse betting is allowed, and commercial bets are illegal. There are limited offline legal sports betting facilities so a lot of the residents of California rely heavily on online sports betting sites. The state law is very heavy against those that try to take bets that are unlicensed and try to operate as a bookie within the state. The easiest way to being able to enjoy a flutter on sports betting it the state of California is to find a reputable offshore bookie. Once you have done this you will be able to bet with the peace of mind that you deserve!

What is the Legal Age for Sports Betting in California?

If you are in the state of California and wish to participate in sports betting, you have to be over the age of 21. California betting laws are very contradictive and it is important that you check which types of betting are permitted, before you wager yourself into a situation that could end up being a little bit awkward! First of all to participate in a bet you will have to pay a licensing fee. A percentile of your win would have to be paid to the state, should you be lucky enough to win anything, and of course you must be in the border of California in order to place your bet as a Californian resident.

Legal Sports Betting Laws For Californian Residents

It has been assumed that there is no way to be able to bet in the state of California, because of the federal laws that seemingly limit residents in the state. Now the internet betting industry is larger than ever and online betting from the state of California is possible, and there are no regulations that cover online sports books in the state of California. Because of this, you can participate in online sports betting in California legally without the worry of a knock at your door for any wrong doing. Online sports books are not something that the law in California can touch, and there are a lot of offshore online sports betting sites that you can place your wagers on. The only thing you need to do is find a site that is suited to you.

So Can You Legally Bet From California?

It is a likely question that many a Californian resident has asked, and one that is hard to find the answer to. State law has been put into force and then new acts were drawn up to try and allow some betting in the state to take place providing that a percentile was paid to the state should people win. This law is still in the making though and has not been set in stone.

Despite the legal sports books not being in operation from California, you will be able to bet from the comfort of your computer. The UIGEA (Short for Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) has not taken any steps on banning betting from California at all. It is a little complex however as under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, (PASPA) live sports books around the region are not allowed. Some, however, do participate in horse betting offline legally.

There are a lot of offshore websites that are in operation and taking legal sports bets from the state of California on. The online sports betting industry is larger now than ever before. If you know how to bet online from the state of California, then you could make some serious cash! And it will be legal too.