Sports Betting Oregon

Is Sports Betting In Oregon Legal?

If you live in the state of Oregon, and fancy a flutter on some sports betting then you will likely be wondering if you can do so legally. This article contains all of the information you need to know pertaining to sports betting in the state of Oregon. First up, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act says that those living in Oregon can participate in sports betting if the state that they are betting from licenses it. It is however, a bit mixed because the state of Oregon does not license the practice, and there are no licensed sports books in the state enabling you to do so! You can, however, bet online and place online bets from the state of Oregon. Some turn to VPNs and bypass the bans accessing offshore betting from private internet visits, and receive winnings via offshore methods that are not traceable in the state. The PASPA have also made it easy for the state of Oregon to be able to change the law and start regulating sports books offline for their residents, so it is likely that very soon things will change!


What is the Legal Age for Sports Betting in Oregon?

If you live in the state of Oregon then you will also need to know the legal gambling ages. Despite there being a few limitations you will not have any difficulty finding places to gamble at. There are a lot of great online sites to gamble at and the legal age for placing wagers is 18 for land based bets from the state. You will be able to wager on poker, horses, the lottery and of course bingo once you turn 18. The casinos in the state, however, require that you are 21 to place bets, and many of the online sports betting sites that allow you to bet require that you are 18 and from the state of Oregon. With the gambling topic being very controversial and murky from the state of Oregon, it is important that you do abide with the legal age restrictions that have been set into place to protect people.


Legal Sports Betting Laws For Residents Of Oregon

Yes, Oregon is one of the very few (four to be precise) states in the US that are exempt from the federal laws that ban states from being able to legalize sports betting. The federal professional and amateur sports protection act which was changed in 92 does not have any power hold in Oregon. However, the state never did formally legalize sports betting. This means that you will not be able to bet on a number of things offline, but the internet has made this accessible for everyone. Live bookies can also operate with a license from Oregon, but residents should stay away from live bookies! It is a lot more legal to place online bets from the state than offline ones.


So Can You Legally Place a Sports Bet From Oregon?

Yes, technically it will still be illegal, but providing that you register at one of the dozens of sites that permit residents to be able to register and place bets online, you will be fine. It is important that you make sure that you hit the legal age for online betting (18) and you do of course make sure that you gamble in an offshore state and try to use a VPN! It is important to take note that although it is not legalized, no one has ever been jailed for online gambling and providing that you are just a gambler, and not planning on opening up your own bookies, you will be fine. So go on, enjoy a flutter and bet on sports! Betting from the state of Oregon could turn into not just a bit of fun, but a profitable venture, should you end up being a lucky winner.