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Sweetheart Teaser Betting Strategy

If you are into online sports betting then you will probably already be familiar with the term: teasers. Teasers are bets that are prominent in football and basketball. They see you taking a group of a least two totals or teams and you are offered up a number of points that are in your favor that have been pre decided. The teams that are in your teaser bet need to be able to cover the adjusted spread, or of course you will lose the bet.

So, what exactly is a sweetheart teaser? This is a term that is used to let bettors know that the books are even and there are more points there that are in your favor. In order to win though all of the teams in your teaser bet must cover the adjusted spread or you will in fact lose the bet. When you place a bet on basketball the usual number of points are between four and five, and when you bet on football the points on offer are between six and seven points. When you have a sweetheart teaser they offer you the opportunity to get a lot more points, so for football you can expect to see between 10 and thirteen points, and for basketball you can expect to see between eight to ten points. When placing sweetheart teaser bets for football and basketball they have to be of the three or four team variety.

Where Can I find The Best Sweetheart Teasers Online?

Without a doubt you can find them over at 5Dimes, this site is awesome and offers you the chance to get twenty pointers.

Two Types of Sweetheart Teasers

In Basketball and Football there are two different types of bets that you can make. In football you can make three team, ten point bets, or a four team thirteen point teaser. In Basketball you can make a three team eight point bet, or a four team ten point one. Both of the sports also will see you getting paid 110 for a three team teaser (meaning that you need to place a wager of $110 for each one hundred dollars that you want to win, and for the four team bet you will get a return of 120, which mean that you will have to wager one hundred and twenty dollars for each one hundred that you want to win back.

Pros and Cons of Sweetheart Bets

You will be able to move the spread with so many points and naturally this is a very powerful tool. You will get to choose from three to four picks and you could be wrong. Not a little wrong, a lot wrong, If you are wrong in football then you can get 10 to thirteen points in your favor against the spread, and this is huge if you are right! And basket ball it is between eight and 10 if you are right. Basically if you are wrong, you lose and if you are right you win huge! And this really is the case with all betting, and the strategies that are on offer. However, be warned sweetheart betting is not for the light hearted gambler out there. Why not start trying out this method of gambling now?

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