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Teaser Betting Strategy

When you start to get into betting all you will hear is different terminologies and phrases that are used to refer to different types of the practice. The internet seems to have a lot of hype about teaser betting strategies and wong teasers. Even professional betters don’t like the terms that are used, and teaser strategy can make them cringe. It is a hot topic among forums that discuss sports betting in detail. A very popular book was brought out 10 years back call Sharp Sports Betting that was written by Stanford Wong. Because of this book, a lot of Las Vegas sportsbooks actually lost cash on teasers. Now it is nearly impossible to be able to get plus EV bets in Las Vegas, when teasers are needed. There are however, plenty of teasers available online.

This article is written to help you to be able to understand teaser betting in more detail. First up a teaser bet in layman’s terminology is a parlay bet that utilizes point spreads that have been changed. A great example would be, if this week there are 3 bets that tickle your fancy, say for example the Bills at Plus 5.5, the Raiders at plus 1.5 and the Jets at minus 7.5 you would be able to make a 3 team 6 point teaser bet on the Raiders at plus 7.5, the Bills at plus 11.5 and the Jets at minus 1.5. In order for you to be able to win this bet you would need all 3 of the teams mentioned to cover. When using the internet most online betting sites pay out 1.8 to one for a winning three teamer.

Using Standard Teaser Odds

When you use standard teaser odds online they will vary a lot depending on which betting site that you use. When you place a bet on a football teaser that has six points then you will need to look for two teams that are minus 110 or better, three teams that are plus one hundred and eighty or better, and four teams that are 300 plus or greater. A great site to check out for these types of odds is

Another great site is 5 and it is a great one to mention. There are lots of industry odds that are in the lead with two team six point teasers at plus 100. This site however is a little harder to find good value teasing at because there are a lot of shade lines there that make it hard to pick them out. An example of this would be if a site had Jets at minus 8.5, the Redskins at plus 8.5 the 5 Dimes site may list them as the Jets being minus 9.5 plus 105 and Redskins plus 9.5 with a minus 125 odd. It is not relevant to the teasers at all because you can tease either side by size points and still get the same payout providing that both sides are minus 110.

It is import at that you do your homework though if you are a beginner because it can be harder to make teaser bets here. So there you go a little bit of an insight into teaser betting.

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